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Call for Contributions: New Ways in Teaching With Corpora

Call for Contributions: New Ways in Teaching With Corpora


Deadline: ​​03 ​September 2017 (Sunday)


Call for Contributions: New Ways in Teaching With Corpora

Call for Contributions: New Ways in Teaching With Corpora Deadline: ​​03 ​September 2017 (Sunday) If you would like your submission to be considered for inclusion in this volume, you must carefully follow the guidelines below. Please submit your manuscript(s) by e-mail (subject line: New Ways in Teaching with Corpora) to the book editor, Dr.

ToRCH2014 Corpus(ToRCH2014现代汉语平衡语料库)发布


      ToRCH语料库的名称为Texts Of Recent CHinese的英文缩略,中文意为“火炬”。我们希望这个语料库将来能以类似的模式,每隔几年推出一个新版,从而可以考察现代汉语的动态发展。因此,我们计划将其建成一个语料库系列,2010年开始建设的ToRCH2009为该系列的第一个语料库。2014年最终建成,其中所收文本绝大部分为2009年出版。



MedAca (Medical English discourse of Academia) corpus -- Clinical medicine component (MedAca医学学术英语语料库-临床医学子库) contains medical English research article texts (of 18 different subject areas of clinical medicine) of five million words.

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WordSmith Tools V4.0 is freely downloadable now.


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First Call for Papers

The 4th Corpus Linguistics in China Conference (CLIC2018)


Release of the ECCE Corpus 1.0: the English Chinese Corpus of Editorials

About the ECCE Corpus 1.0 (ECCE英汉社论平行语料库 1.0)

Download the corpus here.

The ECCE (pronounced as /'eki/, which is the shorthand of the English Chinese Corpus of Editorials) corpus 1.0 was created by Linwei Yang and his MA students at Yantai University before Linwei joined the PhD progromme at the National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education of Beijing Foreign Studies University.






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