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WordSmith V4.0 is free now

WordSmith Tools V4.0 is freely downloadable now.

New release of BFSU PowerConc August 2016


A new release of BFSU PowerConc (7 August 2016) is available now. This release is the 'beta 25b' of BFSU PowerConc Version 1.0, if you want to distinguish it from the more popular 'beta 21c' release.

BFSU PowerConc bookmarked by Wikipedia

BFSU PowerConc has been bookmarked by Wikipedia under the entry of Concordancer

The CQPweb family


CQPweb based corpus interfaces
(Please refer to for the relationship between CQPweb and CWB. In simple terms, at the back-end, concordancing in particular, is CWB, but CQPweb is more than that.)

2014 New book: Multi-Dimensional Analysis, 25 years on

Multi-Dimensional Analysis, 25 years on: A tribute to Douglas Biber

Edited by Tony Berber Sardinha and Marcia Veirano Pinto
São Paulo Catholic University

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