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Corpus Research Group at Beijing Foreign Studies University

Corpus Research Group at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU CRG) are a group of dedicated people working on corpus based languge studies.

Prof. Kefei Wang started the earliest corpus project at the Research Centre for Foreign Language Education around 2002, whose project was one of the earliest Chinese English parallel corpora in China. In late 2005, Prof. Qiufang Wen, one of the leading learner corpus researchers in China, joined the Centre. In early 2006, Prof. Jiajin Xu, then a doctoral graduate, was kept on at the Research Centre as a full-time research fellow and has continued his intense interest in corpus linguistics. Prof. Maocheng Liang and Dr. Wenxin Xiong joined the Research Centre in 2008 and 2009 respectively, before that they worked as post-doctoral research associates at the Centre. Prof. Wenzhong Li has become part of us since September 2012, and he left Henan Normal University where he had served for over 20 years.

BFSU CRG has been actively involved in academic exchanges with colleagues across China. In 2009 we organised The First National Symposium on Learner Corpus Research. In 2011 the biennial conference of Corpus Linguistics in China (CLIC2011) was held at the National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education, BFSU. In the year of 2013, we invited 25 leading scholars who have been working on corpus-based discourse studies to BFSU for some highly intellecturally nourishing conversations.

Members of BFSU CRG have presented papers at various international and national corpus linguistics conferences. For instance, Prof. Maocheng Liang, Prof. Wenzhong Li and Prof. Jiajin Xu gave three papers at the recent Corpus Linguistics 2013 (CL2013) conference held at Lancaster University, UK. Prof. Jiajin Xu gave a presentation at the American Association for Corpus Linguistics 2013 (AACL2013) conference. Nine members of BFSU CRG made presentations at International Conference on Corpus Technologies & Applied Linguistics.

On the corpus team are:

Consultants: Prof. Zhiwei Feng, Prof. Kefei Wang, and Prof. Qiufang Wen
Research staff: Prof. Maocheng LiangProf. Wenzhong LiProf. Jiajin Xu, and Prof. Wenxin Xiong

(Prof. Maocheng Liang and Prof. Wenzhong Li are current vice presidents of China Society of Corpus Linguistics, and Prof. Jiajin Xu is secretary general of the Society. The three professors are all founding members of the Society. Prof. Zhiwei Feng and Prof. Wenzhong Li are on the advisory board of International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. All research staff of BFSU CRG are undertaking China National Social Sciences Foundation funded projects as well as Chinese MOE funded projects.)


Courses offered by staff members of BFSU CRG

  1. Introduction to Corpus Linguistics (语料库语言学导论) (Instructor: Professor Maocheng Liang)
  2. Applied Corpus Linguistics (应用语言学中的语料库语言学) (Instructor: Professor Wenzhong Li)
  3. Research Methods in Corpus Linguistics (语料库语言学研究方法) (Instructor: Professor Jiajin Xu)
  4. Computer Applications in Applied Linguistics (应用语言学中的计算机基础) (Instructor: Professor Jiajin Xu)
  5. Introduction to Natural Language Processing (自然语言处理) (Instructor: Dr. Wenxin Xiong)
  6. Computational Linguistics (计算语言学) (Instructor: Dr. Wenxin Xiong)
  7. Computer Aided Translation (计算机辅助翻译) (Instructor: Dr. Wenxin Xiong)
  8. The History of Corpus Linguistics (语料库语言学史) (Instructor: Professor Jiajin Xu)


Projects undertaken by BFSU CRG members

国家社科基金项目: 服务信息检索的自然语言(11BYY051)(熊文新主持)
中国博士后科学基金项目: 基于英汉对应语料库的双语搭配对的自动发现(20070410044)

Corpus journal edited at the National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Corpus Linguistics Research Highlights (语料库语言学文摘)
Key publications by members of BFSU CRG

Corpus Linguistics: A Practical Coursebook (published in Chinese by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press in 2010)

It has become a key textbook for students or young scholars who get started with their Corpus Linguistics research.

Corpus Linguistics workshop series

BFSU CQPweb portal for corpus studies (Please use User ID: test, Pass: test to access the publicly available corpora at the site.)



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