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The PICME corpus -- The Parallel Interpretation Corpus of Media Events (under development)

The PICME corpus -- Parallel Interpretation Corpus of Media Events (under development)

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The PICME -- The Parallel Interpretation Corpus of Media Events -- corpus project was initiated by Jiajin Xu at Beijing Foreign Studies University for want of parallel corpus resources among Chinese corpus researchers. The preliminary objective of the project is to gather the Chinese-English parallel transcripts of the press conferences held by Chinese premiers and foreign ministers at China's two sessions [1] in the past few years.  The sentence-aligned [2] parallel texts will be uploaded to this page subsequently for download once we finish the alignment check.

The great help from Tong Dong of Qufu Normal University with the proofreading should be particulaly acknowledged, who has taken enormous effort to check the bilingual texts line by line against the video recording of the press conferences with extreme care.


The Interpretion texts of Premier Li Keqiang's press conference at the two sessions of 2017 (online 12 June, 2017) 

  • Download the TMX bitext file: 2017_PremierLiPressConf_zh-CN_en-US.tmx.
  • Download the English Chinese separate files:


The Interpretion texts of Premier Li Keqiang's press conference at the two sessions of 2016 (online 6 May, 2017)


How to search the PICME parallel corpus?

-The TMX version of the corpus can be and imported to any computer assisted translation applications and concordanced with Olifant or SDAU ParaConc.

-The separate files version of the corpus can be concordanced with BFSU ParaConc.



1. China's two sessions refer to the plenary sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). The two are held in early March every year in Beijing.

2. Automatic sentence alignment was done using the TMXMall online aligner

3. Please report any issues that you spot in the corpus texts to


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