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Who are we in the Corpus Research Group at Beijing Foreign Studies University?

Research staff

Consultants: Prof. Zhiwei Feng, Prof. Kefei Wang, and Prof. Qiufang Wen
Research staff: Prof. Maocheng LiangProf. Wenzhong LiProf. Jiajin Xu, and Prof. Wenxin Xiong

(Prof. Maocheng Liang and Prof. Wenzhong Li are current vice presidents of China Society of Corpus Linguistics, and Prof. Jiajin Xu is secretary general of the Society. The three professors are all founding members of the Society. Prof. Zhiwei Feng and Prof. Wenzhong Li are on the advisory board of International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. All research staff of BFSU CRG are undertaking China National Social Sciences Foundation funded projects as well as Chinese MOE funded projects.)

Scholars who have visited BFSU CRG

Michael Barlow, Aukland University, New Zealand
Douglas Biber, Northern Arizona University, USA
Elena Semino, Lancaster University, UK
Zhiwei Feng (冯志伟), Institute of Applied Linguistics, Ministry of Education and Hangzhou Normal University, China
Sylviane Granger, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Yueguo Gu (顾曰国), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
Anping He (何安平), South China Normal University, China
Michael Hoey, Liverpool University, UK
Huaqing Hong (洪华清), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Susan Hunston, University of Birmingham, UK
Xiaofei Lu (陆小飞), Pennsylvania State University, USA
Anna Mauranen, University of Helsinki, Finnland
Jianzhong Pu (濮建忠), PLA University of Foreign Languages, China
Antoinette Renouf, Birmingham City University, UK
Hongyin Tao (陶红印), UCLA, USA
Wolfgang Teubert, Birmingham University, UK
Yukio Tono (投野由纪夫), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan
Naixing Wei (卫乃兴), Beihang University, China
Richard Xiao (肖忠华), Lancaster University, UK
Erhong Yang (杨尔弘), Beijing Language and Culture University, China
Wei Zhang (张威), Beijing Language and Culture University, China